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Latest TV Blog Posts
Bloodline Set To Be The Next Big Original Hit for Nextflix
Netflix are the pioneers of original online hit TV shows, and they have announced that the next show coming off the production line is Bloodline, which will be on our screens next March. The 13 episode series is tells of a family living in the Florida Keys and, “centers on a close-knit family of four […]
Aereo Banned by Judge From Rebroadcasting Live TV
Aereo have been dealt at least half a dozen blows, but are still (just) standing. And on Thursday they got another kick in the teeth when US judge Alison Nathan banned them from streaming live TV via the web. The copyright-infringement case which has been brought against Aereo by US broadcasters who want to shut […]
TuneCore Plan To Give Musicians ?YouTube Money?
The biggest music stars in the world, despite being on red-alert for any pirated copies of their songs that could lose them a little income, do have a structure in place for getting money out of their content with ad-supported music videos on YouTube from companies such as VEVO. The system works in a similar […]
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