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Latest TV Blog Posts
Roku And Rdio Expand Their Partnership
On December 10, 2014, Rdio, one of largest music streaming services in the world, announced its partnership expansion with Roku. The expansion introduces new enhancements to the Rdio app that make accessing and using it on the Roku easier and more convenient than ever before. Roku customers in the US, UK, Ireland and Canada will […]
Netflix Hits Back At FCC Commissioner Pai
Last week, FCC Commissioner Arjit Pai accused Netflix of working on securing Internet “fast-lanes” for its streaming service. The online media distribution website had initially declined to comment but has now hit back at Pai. The company claims that the controversial “Open Connect” caching tools, an open-source technology, will not give it an advantage over […]
Sony Suspends Filming In Wake Of Hacker Attack
Due to the recent attack by a hacker cell that has allegedlybeen linked to North Korea, Sony Pictures has had no choice but to shut down all of its movie filming. Because the attack left its computer networks disabled, the entertainment industry giant cannot process any payments nor make any transactions. This issue has caused […]
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