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Latest TV Blog Posts
Tetris Movie Plans Falling Into Place
Movies are being made more and more often out of popular video game concepts as continues to be demonstrated, the latest of which is going back a few decades for the film industry’smost recent inspiration… namely a game first produced in 1984. That game set to be put in the cinematic spotlight, bafflingly, is puzzle […]
Google Hint That Lollipop Will be New Android OS
The debate over what Google will call their next new edition of the Android operating system is one which now occurs as soon after the previous one is confirmed, with the only real clue being that it will be something candy or sweet-related. In the case of Google’s planned new Android system with an unknown […]
PlayStation TV Given Introductory Video Overview For Europe
The upcoming set-top box from Sony known as ‘PlayStation TV’, already existent in its home country of Japan (where it is known as ‘PS Vita TV’) and soon to do so in the USA (as of 14 October), amongst other markets, is preparing for a multi-national release in Europe on 14 November, and have begun […]
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