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Latest TV Blog Posts
Google Celebrates Chromecasts First Birthday With Free Google Play Music
The little Chromecast stick that has caused such a big stir has reached it’s first birthday. And Google are celebrating this monumental milestone by offering Google current and new owners a 90 day free trial to its Play Music All Access streaming service You do have to be US based to get the offer, and […]
Watching TV After Work Can Make You Feel Like A Guilty Failure
I have always thought that a nice sit downin front of a TV after a hard day on the job is a good thing, but it seems im wrong according to new research. It appears that it will in fact, make you feel both guilty and an utter failure. The research carried out by the […]
Netflix Post-Play Brings Continuous Watching To Apple TV
Netflix has updated the Apple TV app to now include the Post-Play feature, letting online viewers binge on shows without having to move. Netflix slipped out the handy update quietly on the Apple TV device, and brings the app into line with other versions of the streaming app that have already been given the feature. […]
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