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Latest TV Blog Posts
Sky Store Introduce Content For Keeps
In a move which could shake up the traditional process in which new movie content is offered during its first public release phases, UK satellite broadcasters Sky have revealed an update to their ‘Sky Store‘ that now enables users of their set-top boxes the ability to purchase and keep films offered on their virtual shelves. […]
AT&T Looking To Become $500 Million Netflix Rival
The broadband industry looks set to get a super-fast competitor staking a claim to market domination in the form of AT&T’s expanding ‘GigaPower’ brand, and a perfect compliment to such a statement of intent would most likely be a streaming service to showcase what can be done with such signals, and while that is indeed […]
Amazon Tilt In Preference Of 3D Smartphone
In a move that would edge the world one step closer to Samsung’s proposed dream of augmented flexi-viewing of day-to-day life, rumours have emerged surrounding the first-ever Amazon smartphone. Such a product has been rumoured for a long time, with further rumours establishing the likelyhood that the screen of it will be 3D-capable, rumours which […]
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