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Latest TV Blog Posts
Netflix Coming To Linux OS
Netflix has historically always been missing from Linux open source operating systems which power a large number of PC’s as well as running on Android and Roku hardware. But now that has changed. For running in browsers Netflix has previously used the Microsoft Silverlight media player, and Microsoft do not support open-source operating systems. But […]
Danger Mouse Revival Confirm Pointless Cast
The planned CBBC revival of hit 80’s children’s cartoon Danger Mouse has taken further steps towards its comeback, after an announcement this week confirming the voice talents that will be on the show. The espionage parody will see Alexander Armstrong, currently best-known for his role in presenting BBC quiz show Pointless (and brilliantly- named spin-off […]
Internet TV Service From Sony Will Be Ready To Rock This Year
Sony are on course to release their web based TV service before the end of the year it has been revealed. And the streaming TV will be available not just to Playstation users, but anyone with a Sony Vita, Bravia smart TVs and the Xperia range of mobile devices. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, […]
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