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Latest TV Blog Posts
Parenthood Offer First Preview of Final Season
The NBC series Parenthood has already confirmed that its upcoming season will be its last, and are now running through their pre-season promotional campaign for the final time. One of the biggest steps in this process is a trailer for the upcoming season, and while only in ‘teaser’ form at present, the family drama will […]
Amazon Plan 4K Streaming Introduction In October
Amazon’s efforts in the streaming market, away from producing equality-favouring original content, will soon include Netflix-matching 4K streaming, to originally be made available on supporting 4K HD smart TVsets. The first brand to take Amazon up on the update offer is South Korean company Samsung, who yesterday (28 August) confirmed that the Amazon Instant Video […]
Friends Reunited On Jimmy Kimmel Mini-Sketch
In the same week that an upcoming real-life set recreation for the show was announced, fans of the popular former NBC sitcom Friends had new content on their plate, after the show’s female stars participated in an original sketch on ABC’sJimmy Kimmel Live. With reluctant guest Jennifer Aniston, and her co-stars Courteney Cox and Lisa […]
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