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Latest TV Blog Posts
Rupert Murdoch Encourages Media Industry To Fight Streaming
The growth of streaming platforms such as Amazon Instant, Hulu, and Netflix is one that is providing viewers with more options than ever before when it comes to consuming content, the only potential downside for those with access possibly being that the industry is losing a little of its tradition, but those that think that […]
Richie Rich TV Series Bankrolled By Netflix
Netflix‘s latest move in their incredibly busy run of picking up new content is to head back into the ‘adapt a classic franchise‘ school of thought, with their brand of choice being one of the wealthiest to ever be featured on a comic book or movie screen, this brand, of course, being… Richie Rich. Rather […]
Hulu Take On Casual New Series
While Netflix’s recent surge of content acquisition has been comparatively frantic when put against past industry developments, one of their closest rivals, Hulu have been decidedly more relaxed over the idea of original content, stopping off only the odd few times to pick up something new that they like, such as Casual. Following on from […]
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