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Latest TV Blog Posts
iView And iPlayer Passed The Puck For New Series With Netflix-Style Premiere
After dressing up as the opposite gender and over two decades younger in order to fulfill his single character-based spin-off series Ja’mie: Private School Girl, 39-year-old Australian comedian Chris Lilley won’t be going in drag to revive another of his most popular creations from sketch show Summer Heights High – but will increase the age […]
How Samsung Siezed Initiative Following Steve Jobs Death
The rivalry in the smartphone industry between Apple and Samsung is well-documented, but any followers looking to dig even deeper into this battle for market supremacy would most likely bring up this point in any future arguments if they are supporting Apple. It appears as though the ongoing court proceedings from Apple towards Samsung (in […]
Cord Cutter Numbers Rise 44% In Last 3 Years Says Report
The dramatic effect of cheap online streaming from services like Netflix and Hulu are having an increasing knock-on effect encouraging users to cut the cord and leave expensive pay TV services say a new report. The news comes from a report by Experian Marketing Services which indicates that high speed broadband connected viewers cancelling cable […]
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