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Latest TV Blog Posts
Sharknado 2 Earns Record Ratings For SyFy
Cable network SyFy‘s efforts to provide ‘event cinema’ havepaid off massively in terms of their ratings this week, as the worldwide premiere of parody viewed became SyFy’s best-viewed original movie in history, to the tune of 3.9 million people. Alongside the statistic that1.6 million of those viewers were in the ’18-49 adults’ demographic, the film’s […]
Hulu Update For Android App Offers Free Streaming
The Hulu app for mobile devices is of no use to anyone, unless they pay the $8 per month for the Hulu Plus service. But today Hulu have announced that a new Android update will offer a selection of free content. With a couple of exceptions the app will offer the free Hulu service on […]
Television Losing Entertainment Top Ranking To The Internet
Consumers looking to be entertained are increasingly switching off the TV, and instead logging in to online entertainment says a new survey. The survey taken byDeloitte in Australia, shows that the country is reached the ‘digital tipping point’ and that digital has finally ‘come of age’. The survey of 2300 respondents showed that the internet […]
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