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Latest TV Blog Posts
Two Upcoming Bill Cosby Shows Canceled
Just a week after numerous sexual assault accusations against five-time Emmy – winnerBill Cosby, casinos in both Las Vegas and Arizona has canceled two of his upcoming stand-up shows. The 77-year-old comedian was booked to performat the Treasure Island hotel-casino in Las Vegas on Nov. 28 but that show has now been canceled, Variety has […]
Smartclothes to be Bigger than Smartwatches?
With the ever growing popularityof smartwatches in the consumer market, wearable technology in clothing looks set tobecomethe next big thing. As technology improves, so does the ability to record more extensive data, and the less equipment to hinder the wearer, the better. Apple and Android both look to release their entry in the wearable technology […]
People Magazine Names Chris Hemsworth 2014?s ?Sexiest Man Alive?
The People magazine’s contest “The Sexiest Man Alive” goes around the world, searching for just that guy, and according to the magazine the title in 2014 goes to the star of the Marvel Comics’ Thor, Chris Hemsvort (31). The honor to deliver this announcement was placed in the hands of Jimmy Kimmel, Host of Jimmy […]
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