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Latest TV Blog Posts
Netflix And Rogers/Shomi Share Original Thriller Series Between Them
Perhaps putting to rest some of the rumors that they don’t care about Canada or its local content output, American streaming giants Netflix have revealed a deal that will see them combine with Shomi, the new service that is supposed to be its biggest competitor in the local market. Following through on statements made in […]
Apple Announce Above-Expectation Profits
In an unusual contrast to Netflix and Google, who have both been running along with little major issues to discuss, the most recent financial quarter has had Apple announcing that they have performed better than their own expectations in the technology market, in spite of problems that were far more publicised and joke-worthy. Putting a […]
The IT Crowd Takes Second American Remake Attempt
Maybe it’s because another show from the same original channel has received such an opportunity, maybe it’s because one of the stars of the original format is currently attempting something similar, or perhaps just that they wanted this particular format to have another chance, but The IT Crowd, an office-based sitcom that aired on the […]
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